Celebrity Culture

Celebrities -whether actors, singers, dancers, designers, the wealthy, reality-show lowlifes, DJs, models, athletes, journalists or ‘personalities’- are people, just like us.

What the beautiful people seem to forget is that they are only people. They are alcoholics, rapists, murderers. They are stingy, vain, callous. They are shallow, insignificant, worthless. The fact that we may recognize their names or faces means nothing in the real scheme of life.

They have fame -- but their every move is scrutinized. They have great fortune -- but they can trust no one. They are loved by millions -- but they are hated by millions, too.

The celebrity culture refers to the culture of popularizing certain people who have certain attributes that society deem exceptional.

In this modern era, these attributes may or may not be genuine. Back in the days of actors, actresses, singers, authors, producers, artists, sports people and dancers and so forth, people needed to have certain talents and virtues to be known throughout society.

Now it is common for people to be well-known and in television talk shows and celebrity magazines due to their unethical behavior or belligerent self-promotion. People sometimes attempt at becoming famous by various means such as entering reality TV or dating someone of high status. The glorification of people who seek stardom has made the celebrity culture based on infamy not fame.

Unfortunately the celebrity culture has and always will have an influence on society.

As they are constantly in the media, they have become role models for adolescents and teenagers. Interest in celebrities makes for a multi billion dollar business in celeb sites. This has raised a number of issues, many of them controversial and causes major debates concerning the influence of these famed people.